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Top Kills
Username Kills
K O S S U 148
ergprkl 103
Another 92
muu 74
King Terror 71
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Username Total XP
Aussie 504,211,549
bibibubu 468,898,969
Lyska 410,374,938
Zara 349,056,508
b u l y 307,048,819
blood rune 301,370,578
Aussie jr 295,546,966
Mikko 279,472,191
Venom 274,868,575
mythological 264,417,960

Game Status

  • Server: Online
  • Online: 6

Experience Rates

  • Combat: Normal: 14x Subscribed: 18x
  • Skills: Normal: 7x Subscribed: 9x
  • Additional: Wilderness: +1x Skulled: +2x

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  • Logged in today: 92
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