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This Saturday (12/16/17) at 6pm Eastern-standard time. Flats 1vs1 DM, for 20 sets of rune, 20 r2hs, 20k fires and airs, 10k deaths. 1k swordies, 20 diamond amimys.

No multi logging, f2p pking.

Then level 38 pking event at 8pm Eastern-standard time for 20 r2hs, 20 ruby ammys, 20 bows and 3k bronze arrows

No multi logging, f2p pking

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Everyone sorry I could not host the flats dm event earlier, as I still have no power at my house and could not get to a wifi spot.hurricane Irma really did our area in. I should have power back on tomorrow by noon. If not I'll be at a wifi spot. I can't sit at home all day with no AC working. I heard no flats were online ready for this anyways, so hopefully tomorrow some will show.

Event starting at 3pm eastern today