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1. What is your real name? Nick

2. How old are you? 20

3. Where are you from? Connecticut  USA

4. What languages can you speak / write? english

5. What are the names of your main characters in the game? Bing bing/Bing bank

6. How long have you been playing Runescape Classic? It's been years i cant remember how long.

7. Why do you like Runescape Classic? It is a better version of runescape, and it's really fun

8. How long have you been playing RSCUnity? Since it first came out then took a break for a little bit

9. Do you have any programming experience? I have a little bit but i'm rusty been trying to relearn but have'nt had time.

10. How good are you with computers Building not that good.

11. Do you have any experience in developing Runescape Classic? Not that much but willing to learn.

12. Why do you want to join the team? I am on a lot. And i feel like i can keep the server friendly free. And having a lot of events to come and to have other players to have more fun

13. Are you applying for Event Moderator, Player Moderator or Developer? Event Moderator

14. What time are you usually online in RSCUnity (GMT)? I am on a lot hours and hours and hours everyday.

15. How many hours per day are you online in RSCUnity (average)? I want to say atleast 10 hours

16. Do you have any previous experience in moderating? Yes i have had moderator, admin, hidden admin, dev, owner, etc etc. I been around a lot to each other server different name. But RSCUnity/RSCEmulation has been the only servers I have enjoyed in the past years.

17. Why should we pick you? I'm not saying you have to choose me. But If you were to pick me I would keep the server from racist comments. Offending each others. I can be there for players that are botting, and players who need to be put to lumbridge when they get stuck. Or to just answer questions when new players come aboard.

18. Tell us a little bit about yourself: i'm 20 had surgery on my shoulder. Still not healed completely. I like to play basketball a lot. I can be friendly to those who give the same as how I would want to be treated. Get the same respect as you gave me.